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quick question to my math and science pals on mastodon. are there enough bones in voting republicans in the united states to construct a massive death pyramid or at least a walking goliath that i could use to stomp to work?

@Zoe if we hollow out the bones and use the bonemeal from the center to make bone-concrete, absolutely.

@bryceyoungquist oh shit guys this is a good point. though admittedly i'll be using the mass more than the structural integrity of the individual bones.

@Zoe 206 bones in the human body, 12 million republicans, so about two billion four hundred seventy-two million bones for your death pyramid.

*Sigh* Ok here we go...

Number of Republicans in the US = 53% of Americans = 172,621,000

Bone density of the average human = 15% of the human bodies mass = 15% of 80.7 kg = 12.105 kg of bones per american.

172,621,000 * 12.105 kg = 2,089,577,205 KG OF BONES.

If the mass of a pile = m = ρ V
where P = Density and V = Volume then

V = p/m

The density of bones = about 3.4 kg/m^3

V = 2,089,577,205 / 3.4 = 614,581,530 m^3 of bones in a pile.

@Zoe my brain is broken from maths and I cannot find a reliable formula for volume to pyramid size that doesn't factor in height which is unknown

@goat @Zoe doesnt that just depend on the size of the base

@goat let's go with 555 feet. I am obsessed with 5 and want it to be significantly larger than the great pyramid in Giza

@Zoe If the the base sides are 555m the height of the peak would be 5.985 Km high.

@goat haha no sorry - i meant the other way round, 555 tall. though the idea of a pyramid five fucking km tall is appealing

@Zoe Ahh, Each side would be 1.8 km long then,

@goat hmmm...how close to equal can we make the sides and height? keeping in mind i am bad at math.

@Zoe If this pile was a km on each side (Given a 4 sided pyramid) it would be 1.64 km tall.

@goat @Zoe

Cowboys Stadium in Dallas = 104,000,000 ft^3 = 2,944,952 m^3

614,581,539 m^3 of bones = 208.7 Cowboys Stadiums worth of bones.

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