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quick question to my math and science pals on mastodon. are there enough bones in voting republicans in the united states to construct a massive death pyramid or at least a walking goliath that i could use to stomp to work?

@Zoe there are enough bones for both, but you're gonna have to provide the animation magic for the goliath, my math magic does not cover that

@SanfordianPhil oh i can handle a single goliath. was really just concerned that when you liquefy the bone to make it more pliable, you may not have as much as you thought you did - so to speak.

@Zoe hmmmm maybe just the goliath then. I was thinking whole bones

@SanfordianPhil well i have to shape them. massive femurs with just a buncha teeny human bones would be too unstable.

@Zoe ah, a remolded form would solve that, I feel that a wireframe with human bones has its appeal though

@SanfordianPhil i think an outer sort of 'skin' of normal sized bones would look pretty fuckin metal but the core limbs would just need the added stability of being warped into unholy sizes

@Zoe yeah making the goliath strong is most important you're right

@Zoe if we hollow out the bones and use the bonemeal from the center to make bone-concrete, absolutely.

@bryceyoungquist oh shit guys this is a good point. though admittedly i'll be using the mass more than the structural integrity of the individual bones.

@Zoe 206 bones in the human body, 12 million republicans, so about two billion four hundred seventy-two million bones for your death pyramid.

*Sigh* Ok here we go...

Number of Republicans in the US = 53% of Americans = 172,621,000

Bone density of the average human = 15% of the human bodies mass = 15% of 80.7 kg = 12.105 kg of bones per american.

172,621,000 * 12.105 kg = 2,089,577,205 KG OF BONES.

If the mass of a pile = m = ρ V
where P = Density and V = Volume then

V = p/m

The density of bones = about 3.4 kg/m^3

V = 2,089,577,205 / 3.4 = 614,581,530 m^3 of bones in a pile.

@Zoe my brain is broken from maths and I cannot find a reliable formula for volume to pyramid size that doesn't factor in height which is unknown

@goat let's go with 555 feet. I am obsessed with 5 and want it to be significantly larger than the great pyramid in Giza

@Zoe If the the base sides are 555m the height of the peak would be 5.985 Km high.

@goat haha no sorry - i meant the other way round, 555 tall. though the idea of a pyramid five fucking km tall is appealing

@Zoe Ahh, Each side would be 1.8 km long then,

@goat hmmm...how close to equal can we make the sides and height? keeping in mind i am bad at math.

@Zoe If this pile was a km on each side (Given a 4 sided pyramid) it would be 1.64 km tall.

@goat @Zoe

Cowboys Stadium in Dallas = 104,000,000 ft^3 = 2,944,952 m^3

614,581,539 m^3 of bones = 208.7 Cowboys Stadiums worth of bones.

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