Enter discipleship

*ground rumbles as we begin to emerge - shrieking in unison*


@selontheweb lol i have no idea i boost it after 9pm like. pretty reg - either way glad you are seeing it now. ^.^ 🖤

@Zoe @selontheweb tbh I use it as a good indicator that I should be winding down for bed


This is absolutely my favorite night crew post that exists zoe. So fuckin good.


I wanna be sleepy crew, but if I got what I wanted I couldn't make this comment.

@Roxxie_Riot my heart goes out to unwilling members of night crew, dragged along by the bleached bone claws of our decadence

@demonsthenes13 it was the witching hour for me when i boosted so. it was then or not at all for the day. :x

@Zoe might start a new account just so i can boost this again

@binchicken i just unboost and reboost it erey damn night i remember to tbh

@Zoe i always forget i can do this

i am doing it now

@Zoe i’m more of an evening person am i still allowed in the night crew

@yawn if you're posting after i boost this - you're in. 🖤 🙏

Idk if I've said this before, probably, but this is the best night crew post that there is and I love it.


when this gets boosted during the daytime i lay down on the floor and go to sleep like a deer during a solar eclipse.

🐦 💤 🌚

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