Rune-enchanted cant

Since I can't pin other people's toots, I am reposting the drawing that @muppetbutler did of me fused with one of her dogs named nugget because it's the best thing anyone has ever done for me online.

Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

hello it's me and @pbandkate 's anniversary please give us boosts thanx

special thanks to @citrustwee for allowing this particular break in reality.

Rune-enchanted cant

Wracked with despair, dread, exhaustion, confusion, and disorientation - you reach the center of the cavern. There is a smooth black throne; carved from what must have once been a single massive stalagmite.

Rays of light converge here, and despite the swirling mists it looks oddly dry. Even Clean. you stare at it. Not what you expected, not what you needed, and whatever else you imagined it was not this.

For what feels like hours you stand, looking around weakly and always returning to the chair. Nodding, resigned, you sit upon it. Feeling the cold of it meld to you like new flesh; you close your eyes. An absence of all feeling descends.

Rune-enchanted cant

@pbandkate lmao that reminds me of when my friend was flicking through a book of baby names, got to the name deborah and was like "de-BOR-ah what kind of name is that!!!!!"

u ever see a word and ur like “lol that’s a made up word” and then you say it out loud in a voice making fun of the clearly made up word only to realize it is in fact a real word cuz that just happened to me with stork

me: my flight is in 12 hours, i should hurry up and clean and finish packing and-

also me: i should make my very gay jacket even gayer


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Drawing my knife across the sharpening stone, staining it with the blood on the blade.

"You see, its like fuckin Hegel. Dialectics"

dialectic between my ass and my butt

14yo me: hey are you still plugged into the dankest memes
Present me: actually I'm more into cooking and gardening and stuff now
14yo me: sounds lame lmao
Present me: yeah well consider this: you hate being alive and I don't

all aliens are fucking dope, they rule. i heard they wear leather jackets, they smoke cigs and make vinyl stickers shaped like cigs

Domming my gf into putting on socks so her toes dont get cold

Looking at Kate's feet.

*dying Nietzsche voice* the gay clogs

Oh Also
-At least half of your close friends should not look just like you.

-Befriend women, not just as a token chick friend but legit someone you look to for advice and familial companionship, and protection. We provide all of these things and all you gain is mistrust and emotional distance when you throw those things away in pursuit of a sexual relationship.

If I could give legit 100% serious advice to straight cis dudes:
-If you're able, get therapy. Normalize talking & examining your thoughts & feelings.
-If you feel weird being vulnerable around u'r crew get a new crew. They're not tryna make the life changes you are.
-Is what you're feeling really Anger? Or is it Isolation, is it Abandonment, is it Insecurity, is it Hopelessness? What's the most effective strategy to de-escalate the zenith of those emotions/thoughts?
-Normalize being challenged.

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you ever just look at ur girlfriend and ur like goddamn im gay

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