Rune-enchanted cant

; as you walk down the street one day soon - you will hear a friend's voice calling to you from down an alley. as you approach the sound you'll find yourself faced with a hooded figure; waxen mask with dead eyes - glimmering from the shadows. you'll glance behind and see a brick wall the way you came. you'll demand an explanation but instead hear a scraping sound and feel words imprinting themselves as if fingers directly pressing on parts of your brain.

you will awaken in a cold sweat; having survived the encounter- over the next month a secret will unfurl in your mind that will drive you to unspeakable things. beware unguarded sleep

Rune-enchanted cant

for those of you just joining me (the fed) i post about three things. my gf, my gf's cat - and the creeping maw of existential terror lurking in the corners of your vision, or the quiet moments of silence when no action occupies you - as you contemplate the vast and the end and the lonely.

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Rune-enchanted cant

eye contact, messy eater, no makeup 

Rune-enchanted cant

Wracked with despair, dread, exhaustion, confusion, and disorientation - you reach the center of the cavern. There is a smooth black throne; carved from what must have once been a single massive stalagmite.

Rays of light converge here, and despite the swirling mists it looks oddly dry. Even Clean. you stare at it. Not what you expected, not what you needed, and whatever else you imagined it was not this.

For what feels like hours you stand, looking around weakly and always returning to the chair. Nodding, resigned, you sit upon it. Feeling the cold of it meld to you like new flesh; you close your eyes. An absence of all feeling descends.

Rune-enchanted cant

whenever i see a questionable post on my home TL, I'm like "well, i follow them, so it's probably ok". then i remember i pretty much follow back everyone. not the best policy, in retrospect

it's my fweakin biwthday can i get some boosts????

sorry for the stolen valor eve but it's actually true

*walking Stinky Pup*

"I can't believe she pees like a boy!"

It's a dog, Suzy. Stinky pees like a dog, you weirdo.

reply to this post with the longest phrase you can think of that you repeat word-for-word on a regular basis

mine is probably "[because of/given] who I am as a person, and my various sins,"

420; eye contact 

remembering my bofa big tiddie alf sins and openly weeping

body horror 

enjoy it and send me ur wife’s email that’s the good this makes me viscerally angry i have done it either!!

hawkeye - but the twist is that when a white guy tries to call himself hawkeye and only fight with a bow and arrow - the rest of the avengers fucking beat him to death

black widow - but instead of a soviet trained russian super assassin - she is a soviet trained russian super assassin

captain america - but his finding out that hydra essentially infiltrated and ran the u.s. through the cold war turns his sympathies to the left and he travels the global south hunting cia backed reactionaries

guardians of the galaxy only they call themselves the lumpenproletariat and explicitly hunt rich denizens of the galaxy and murder them to redistribute their wealth

the hulk but he only freaks out when people spout capitalist apologia and he turns red and black instead of green

did you take care of a robot baby for your school health class?

i am mostly joking with this thread but it would be genuinely interesting to imagine a shift in storytelling towards collectivist ideas in marvel movies beyond "friendship will literally melt bad guys"

dr. strange but the twist is that he is a communist. just a full blown communist.

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