Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

Wracked with despair, dread, exhaustion, confusion, and disorientation - you reach the center of the cavern. There is a smooth black throne; carved from what must have once been a single massive stalagmite.

Rays of light converge here, and despite the swirling mists it looks oddly dry. Even Clean. you stare at it. Not what you expected, not what you needed, and whatever else you imagined it was not this.

For what feels like hours you stand, looking around weakly and always returning to the chair. Nodding, resigned, you sit upon it. Feeling the cold of it meld to you like new flesh; you close your eyes. An absence of all feeling descends.

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

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Pitch: Smash but they’re trapped in a snowy pass and they just ran out of food and the storm is set to last at least another four or five days.

@bridge Jesús yea 😑 we got enough degraded crying anime cat girls can y’all grow up now? Straight cis dude porn is the quickenloans adverts of erotica.

LMFAOOOO... Let some mayo call me a "slave" on some race play type shit. I ain't nobody's slave you fucking trick ass bitch. I will throw hands

finding more acceptance in sushi restaurant by playing into the moody Gothic girl stereotype hard

If I had tinder I’d make my first pic my laser selfie and watch the ladies roll in

plugging in an unplugging my phone meticulously all day to keep it at this exact level

In the heart of the northern wilds of Canada, hundreds of miles from structures or people - is a stretch of old growth un-mapped and un-tread. So old it presses at the edge of a human understanding of time.

In these darkened boughs the cold winds whip through the needles and produce an endless shivering whisper. As the solstice approaches; should you be foolish enough to seek it out; these fell voices can reveal secrets and truths.

Deep truths, that rattle the fragile and decayed modern sense of self. Deep truths of the nameless Night Time Fear. Knowledge of He Who Waits beyond the pines, endless teeth chittering.

Video vlog #2 - clout/discourse
Sorry I havent updated in a minute

the room is quiet; many people at the small round tables are poking their meals with cutlery or looking at their phones. i walk onto stage slowly, painfully awkwardly slowly - as i grab the microphone a horrible feedback tone loops through the room piercing everyone's ears. there is angry muttering and the people in the front row cross their arms.

I cast my gaze about with a worried frown; then leaning in close to the microphone whisper: "spider bussy" the room erupts in spontaneous and overwhelming cheers and screams. the soldiers raise me up on their shields and riotously proclaim me empress. the heads of the former consuls are put on spikes outside the p

Anytime three or more femmes are together it’s automatically a coven, sorry I don’t make the rules.

Why don’t we just avoid comparing apples and other fruits. A thought.

Pro tip: when the premier fascist conspiracy right now is called "Pizza Gate," maybe let the everyone in on your chat room cool kids' joke before you follow 100 queer normies with a dozen accounts with "Pizza" in the title.

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are you a witch? are you two witches? come cast spells on fucking witches dot live!