Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

hello it's me and @pbandkate 's anniversary please give us boosts thanx

special thanks to @citrustwee for allowing this particular break in reality.

Rune-enchanted cant

Wracked with despair, dread, exhaustion, confusion, and disorientation - you reach the center of the cavern. There is a smooth black throne; carved from what must have once been a single massive stalagmite.

Rays of light converge here, and despite the swirling mists it looks oddly dry. Even Clean. you stare at it. Not what you expected, not what you needed, and whatever else you imagined it was not this.

For what feels like hours you stand, looking around weakly and always returning to the chair. Nodding, resigned, you sit upon it. Feeling the cold of it meld to you like new flesh; you close your eyes. An absence of all feeling descends.

Rune-enchanted cant

some people complain about a certain prominent figure on mastodon who just does one bit - forever - and thats his whole thing - but have you considered that not one person has ever been active here for a day without being an insufferable shit?

[at a Mastodon-themed restaurant]

me: yes, waiter, I'll have the Rice Youngquist.

*I turn to the camera* That's it. that's the whole joke.

i was given what could only be described as the physical manifestation of a curse.

yeah i met my girlfriend on a dating site. you might have heard of it — it’s called “mastodon”

On my way to the train I overheard a dad say to his daughter “Only money goes there, there’s a different pouch if you want fish crackers” and I’m going to be thinking about that all day

it's weird to think that i simultaneously believe that the developers of ark achieved nirvana in letting you ride a giant kangaroo - but also should be shot for charging money for such a broken buggy mess of a hideous game

it's become so acute that when i get the urge to reinstall - i deliberately install or play something else

do any of you have games where urges to play them make you feel a sense of shame? mine's ark survival evolved

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i like using the phrase "take a stab at it" at work because i can picture myself stabbing my work computer

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sappho’s fragments are the original blackout poetry

i have made my own coffee two mornings in a row instead of buying some high five to me!

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