Trans girl boobs, NSFW 

Doctor said my skin looks great and gave me the okay to half my spironolactone dose 😊

She's gonna have my testosterone levels checked to see if I need to be on it at all

Trans girl HRT, spironolactone vent 

Trans girl HRT, spironolactone vent 

>spends an hour putting makeup on to look like I don't have makeup on
>my stubble is darker and thicker than usual because the roots are being pushed out after laser yesterday so there's a huge contrast

oof, I hate this

I totally forgot to take my spironolactone last night but I don't feel any different. Maybe my T is being suppressed anyway.

I get my levels checked next week so 🤞

My partner: You know longer smell like a boy. You haven't in a few weeks...

My partner: I kinda like it.

I did estrogen shot #5 this morning and god

I feel so good today

Also went to a voice feminization class last night and I am just getting this trans thing down honey

Bright side, I start laser hair removal for my facial hair next week

Sexual assault 

So uh, I just met Gia Gunn at my job and had a long convo about leftist cancel culture and cis gay transphobia and she wished me luck in my transition 😍

I wanna be that bitch that wears pants and vests but has lingerie underneath

I wonder how many other trans people constantly delete and reinstall dating apps?

They just feel like such a waste of time as someone who exists kinda in between the binary while I transition

Trans girl transformation post, boosts welcome 

Zizek: Ur dum
Peterson: That's not fair!! Who else do you think is dum
Zizek: Bernie is hella dum
Peterson: hard agree tbh
Zizek: ...
Peterson: ...what is this feeling
Zizek: 😍

[slurping sounds ensue]

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