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Tired: Making Onion jokes when someone mentions layers
Wired: present day, present time, hahahahaha

Neurotypicals: "You can't date that person! They have mental issues!"

Me, after years of trauma, addiction, and a life of BPD: "Bold of you to assume that I don't"

Gender Euphoria Levels: Depleted (0%) . . .
Serotonin Levels: Depleted (0%) . . .
Dopamine Levels: Depleted (0%) . . .

Engaging Dysphoria Mode . . .
Some system functions currently disabled . . .

Please refuel.

Logged onto the site directly instead of using an app and I can't figure out what half of these options are supposed to be lol

Buy 👏your trans friends 👏 a copy of Stardew Valley 👏 so we can start our farm lives 👏

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I only follow trans people, so if I followed you and you still think you're cis, I got some good news for you comrade

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I found a guy on tumblr who exclusively draws art of marx and engles as anime boyfriends

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