Honestly I hate driving so much. It stresses me out. I hate tight streets. I hate not seeing shit in the dark. I hate parking anywhere. I hate anxiety about cops. I hate other drivers. I hate paying for repairs and freaking out at every little off vibration making me think something might go wrong. I hate insurance companies.

My mental health is better when I don't have a car.

And I hate how jobs will literally act like I can't just take the train or bike there?? Like if I'm late a lot fire me, fine, but give me that chance at least jfc

I genuinely do not care for pushing myself to wear femme clothes right now. Like, I'm going at my own pace, I don't even have any money for clothes in the first place, I'm still going to do hormones.

That doesn't invalidate my womanhood at all and I'll slap anyone that says I'm not trying hard enough unless they're buying me clothes lol

dont forget ur daily communism guys, its important!

TW: family stuff, PTSD and addiction mention, need to vent Show more

TW: family stuff, PTSD and addiction mention, need to vent Show more

educating the fine folks of limsa lominsa about the four software freedoms

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My favorite thing about posting hornt on main is getting compliments from really hot trans girls, enbys, monsters. that I would be way too intimidated to even approach in person ;3;

Spider Trans
Spider Trans
They got bit, and now they're trans
Do they have a dick? It's rude to ask
Can't tell their gender cause they wear a mask

Look out!
Here comes the Spider Trans

It'll never not be hilarious that half of masc4masc guys are super femme twinks in denial of their own femininity

If you're looking at my phone screen in public and see the thumbnails of my nudes when I'm uploading a meme, that's on you for looking 😉

So far I've gotten three emails back regarding transgender friendly career options working with the community, and they all like me and think I've done good community work so far!

I'm about to take some classes to get my certification to be a counselor for drug and alcohol recovery and then once that's done I should hopefully get hired on as a substance abuse counselor but that could take over a month.

Praying 🙏

Some enbies transition. That doesn't make us binary.

But more importantly it shows that non-binary people are a variety of experiences and identities and we shouldn't make generalizations about them except that they don't believe in the gender binary.

Like I'm enby transfemme, I'm about to start hormones and plan to pass as a female and may even do surgery, but that doesn't mean I have it any easier than anyone else because I'm enby. That's important to understand.

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Acrylic nails are braver than the Chapo Trap house fans

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