Rune-enchanted cant


Rune-enchanted cant

selfie, eye-contact 

This post was brought to you by getting stuck in Astral Chain

If video games have taught me anything it's that if my life throws up a stealth level then I'm completely fucked

Asking for urgent help, PayPal link 

everyone's all like "c'est la vie" and i'm all like "c'est some english words" lmao

Damn I canโ€™t believe 9/11 is old enough to do porn now


Mario and Luigi are free Peach extremists

hey this year on 9/11, instead of making jokes about a national tragedy maybe people on mastodon could talk about how there was a sharp uptick in violence against Muslims and anyone who "looked" like they could be Muslim and they still feel the effects of it today

i am staying near a place called newtown unthank and my head's fell off tbh worra name

Thinking about having a kid and getting really into strictly come dancing so I can fit in at work better

Me: *Googles "How to find a date."*

Google: Talk to people.

Me: *throws away laptop*

Me: Nope.

my colleague has been getting a lift in to work recently. says it's a lot less hassle than the train.

I hope I'm wrong but Jojo Rabbit just looks very ๐Ÿ˜ฌ and/or nothing-y to me

I'm watching It Follows again even though I'm already regularly haunted by the old lady from this movie

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