Rune-enchanted cant

1. Magic is real.

2. The spirit world is real.

3. The gods are real.

4. Two-way conversations with the gods are possible. (Do not recommend.)

5. I am up to my eyebrows in this shit so expect me to post about it daily. If you're not super comfy with 1-4 this may not be the account for you.

Does anyone else fold their underwear drawer? Was hard getting all 6 sides but it's flat now. Had to remove screws.

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Man I'm less than a day old and I can already tell I'm an acquired taste :/

The internet is not the domain of white sensibilities. It is not the property of the most awful people humanity has to offer.

It is for all of us. There is space for everyone to have healthy community that actually edifies and brightens our lives rather than make it worse.

Many people who just so happen to be white do not believe that and they specifically target people like me to ruin our experience and sour the well.

But they cannot stop what I'm doing. They can't stop what we are building

If we were smart we'd just relocate to an account with a handle of our group name, Quinn. It's bland, tho. And we'd be lying if we said we didn't change that sometimes too. Names are hard. Hi we're fire aspect holding a consistent form is _not_ our thing.

Why yes we _do_ keep ending up in a mastodon with a handle named by a previous self. We must move mastos like four times a year and it _still_ happens. We're like an edge case for namefluidity though.

*is reborn in a blaze of fire*

Man this is like a monthly event for us now. What up, I'm Andraia. Andi for short. She/her pronouns. Violet was a good kid. Idealistic tho.

okay I'm having a victory hot chocolate over that, I earned that shit. fuck I might have two

I've managed to lose my own phone in an area of 6 feet square, while continuing to listen to music on it via Bluetooth headphones.

The beautiful part is it's shining as bright as a flashlight in the 2.45 Ghz band, but I can't see radio waves.

Ah, technology.

Tired: wanting to become a cryptid

Wired: realizing i'm already a cryptid

stop trying to make me use my phone as a phone, people

In order to celebrate an achievement of 2018, I am very proud to share with you the first time a techdudebro mansplained me the conference I'd just given.

This is just a very brief moment extracted from the 270 seconds of his first rant. He ranted some more after my answer and came back later on when I was off stage and argued with me without listening fo more than 20mn. Extremely educational.

(sorry for the heavy GIF, bear with me!) #mansplaining #WomenInTech

TIL I can also feed on a candle burning somewhere else if someone sends me a picture of it. Magic is awesome.

the discourse on this shit is hilarious.

liberals yass kweening a shitty exploitative corporation

conservatives uh, they are um, *checks notes* (whispers in mic, really? that's? ok....) *clears throat, tries to keep a straight face* posting forced feminization fantasies on main

imagine being a liberal and thinking a multibillion dollar international razor corpoation can be woke lmao

from elsewhere...

"Video games allow us to do and experience things that are completely impossible in real life"

( screen capture from a video game that says: You awaken feeling Well Rested )

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