There's some interesting tools hanging from the porch and what looks like a cross up on the hill. I wonder who's up there?

The original owners / builders of this cabin are long gone, their kids inheritied it and then sold. It's for sale and has been for sale for quite some time.

There's a spooky cabin across the way with some door that's been banging in the wind, so the Border Collie and I went over to shim the door

(umm, sushi! + I lure, kill and eat them, so be prepared you witches)
birds just like cats

who like cats!
(and yahoo and gmail and facefart and all those fucked up surveillance capitalism fuckheads)
(you best cage me up during a full moon or your tweety bird will be toast and you witchy bi's watch out)

Ah, my children (album cover photo), I believe they were concieved at a drunken witch party, but I don't recall.

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