Daytime ritual

Made from the oxidation of good and hefty, self-split cordwood; under the cloak of hecate; the sacred consecration and burning of a scroll empowered in previous ritual. The scroll should contain a sigil of at least one powerful demon; evoked during the empowerment ritual.

The fire, coal and ash should be watched to cooling and placed within a container that fights oxidation and moisture. Be careful not pick up too much contaminant in the ash. Seal it and mark it.

We will be using this Ash very soon.

I'll be posting photos soon.

I invite all interested to join.

The horse stance has been useful to me this Season. Promotes stimulation through the nociceptors and allows for deep mindful channeling of pain.

This pain is met with resistance in the mind that allows me to communicate more deeply with my third eye.

The mudra I use is a variation of Shuni where the index finger is pulled by the third eye.

Self-Drawn eye of presence.

A symbolic representation of the merging of several spheres of consciousness through the four dimensional trident.

Hello Witches!
The first book of the Omnificence series has just been released! Named Kinesis and written under the guidance of Valefor.

Book one covers the three aspects of Kinesis in the context of meditation; with a logical approach to and focus on the many distractions placed on our endeavors by the primordial brain. Brodmann areas, Somatic Control, Plutchik's Wheel of Emotion, Physical resistance, Endocrinal Resistance and more is covered in this manual; along with the use of a simple but effective meditation program.

We will elaborate on the steps included and discuss why most programs follow this template!

When the primeval spirit of the nightside is embraced; so too is the love for ignited. The king of speaks to the Initiated, brining all through cleansing flames!

Through cleansing we obtain an understanding for and a love for the Earth . Communion brings us from the tip of the to it’s depths; To and the great gates of the spirit.

At these Heights, the May cross beyond the Throne of Thaumiel and into the Void.

Bones, Decay, Teeth. 

Our of the Tribe took us out today to work in the red rocks. We are learning to propagate plants and study their natural mechanisms.

A type of sage and a flowering plant was recovered this day at sunset; they are to be identified after they are properly planted.

The Palm that monks taught me. If you can feel building up in the index then you are doing it well.

This form is held and the system is focused inward while is manifested by will.

If you’re having trouble with manifestation; attempt to imagine the index finger being pulled by the third eye.

We will use this after the Quarter is done.


The material Peganum was completed and ingested for the successful invocation of . Only a few more days to full communion.

Codices to be released soon.

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