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@Alexis ah so it's Barkley Shut up and Jam Gaiden

@Alexis it's Space Jam

(I should read your comic I guess)

@matt but yeah, definitely think I'm gonna get 1 on Switch

@matt I love 1 and would like to go beat it; I beat 2 with save states (on XBLA, that version had built in savestates; I didn't really overuse them, just a few times in dungeons to avoid heavy backtracking)

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@matt staring at this image going "why does this look wrong" and realized it's cuz I only played Phantasy Star I and II and this isn't II

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@matt that sounds like an iced Shrek drink at starbucks

@codl nope, just on Discord, which is apparently broken for you also. :P <3

@geet yeah, it's called coke punk down here, but it's for a different reason: it's cuz all the popular punk bands are rich and they do coke

Discussion of shitty people/alt-right bullshit 

Discussion of shitty people/alt-right bullshit 

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