My friend is researching spiders to figure out what kind are on his home, and.... this image is amazingly useless

I bought this sticker a while ago and then completely forgot I did until I just checked my mail today.

No idea what I'm gonna do with it.

Final Fantasy shitpost 

trans shitpost 

So um... I bought a TARDIS mug from ThinkGeek when they were having a clearance sale and... it's way bigger than I expected??????? (2nd image, that's a pen inside it)


A new video series from me and my friends, coming soon...

Tired: GIF with a hard G
Wired: GIF with a J

The people who create online job applications are incompetent fools.

Played Jackbox games on Pat Baer's stream, and I'm particularly proud of this one

Hey Animal Crossing? It's real weird to have a human sized cat wanting a cat sized cat tower in their house.


Favorite Pokemon Starters meme, birdsite link 

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