(Please RT) How would you feel about news publications hosting their own Mastodon instances?

@The_T i am not sure why they would even need their own instances, apart from maybe load reasons

@KitRedgrave because they can afford to host it. And stockholders could rationalize it as that site "literally having their own private Twitter"

@The_T you'd have some pretty interesting people hanging around fox news fedi

i would silence them pretty much immediately

@KitRedgrave @The_T provenance? e.g. only employees are given @example.com accounts.

@KitRedgrave @The_T there is a definite advantage to being able to load up social.theguardian.com or social.jacobinmag.com and getting a feed of everything their staff writers are saying, on the record

if news organizations weren't traditionally rather technologically inept i would expect many would cherish that ability

@onethousandtwentyfour @The_T i was thinking, like.

i could understand them having use of a means of publishing over AP

i just don't think they would get a lot of value out of having a whole social network around their news on their own server. nobody likes reading the comments section for these things

not a helpful contribution to this worthwile conversation that I'm getting a lot out of watching and should probably contribute 

@KitRedgrave @onethousandtwentyfour @The_T I should probably be more aware of how ActivityPub works,
but could they take the-other-trivial-moderation-strategy,
of having their internal server not put ANY replies in the thread they display/spread from their instance?

Then, the only people you could run into from the comments section are people whose comments made it to your instance through other federation mechanisms, which are determined by their and your instances' moderation/policies,
and the news org's instances are doing nothing to spread anything.

(Possibly, "only comments from our instance" or something.)

@KitRedgrave @The_T no, you misunderstand

the social media ISNʼT about reading the comments on articles, (which is why publishing the actual article texts on AP offers very little value over just having an RSS feed)

itʼs about extorting more labour from their journalists, whose hot takes the public LOVES to follow and read

@KitRedgrave @The_T the #1 consumer of journalism is other journalists (as keeping up on things is kind of their job) and journalist social media feeds can be incredibly useful to those wishing to Stay In The Know

having those interactions take place on your branded server instead of in a place you donʼt control, like Twitter (where it happens now) allows you to take ownership of it and associate it with your brand value

@onethousandtwentyfour @The_T ah. with a case like that, i suspect someone will try it as an experiment sometime.

think i saw one or two of those types around here at some point already

@KitRedgrave @The_T there already is masthead.social/about but i think most journalists who use mastodon are actually here because, unlike on Twitter, they ARENʼT expected to perform their job every waking moment, so

i wouldnʼt be surprised if “news org Mastodon” didnʼt turn out to be a bit of a raw deal for the actual people forced into oiling it with their unpaid toots and labour

@onethousandtwentyfour @KitRedgrave @The_T Yeah, IIRC one of @sarahjeong 's hopes for Mastodon would have been a private internal one, where journalists could talk with each other specifically NOT publicly visible.

@KitRedgrave @onethousandtwentyfour @The_T

I mean media institutions do plenty of even less useful tech shit like vr content or what not that's more expensive to produce and less useful so lol

@The_T would rather have them running on their own dime than have to mute 50 different orangesite bots to keep the public TL readable

@The_T The obvious advantage is it would mostly silo them off -- it'd be much easier to block, like, foxnews dot social or breitbart dot social than having to individually suspend every single one of those people.

On the other hand, I don't, I think, want fedi to be that mainstream?

@Alexis my current situation is more: I hate having to use both fedi and Twitter, but I'm not going to give up fedi. Whenever I do finally give up Twitter, I'll be losing a lot of people. I don't know what it would take to get those people over here, but.

Yeah, idk.

@The_T Yeah, I was just about to say, I'd like it if enthusiast media folks were here more -- if film twitter, video game twitter, and sci-fi twitter had a prominent presence here, it would make getting friends still only on twitter here a lot easier.

@The_T news outlets can do whatever they wantand admins/users can block whoever they want, of course, but I think entire instances full of the sorts of people who comment on news web sites would be an overall detriment to the fediverse

@The_T would be good. There are already a number of unofficial news bots, so why not make them official?

@The_T wouldn’t it make sense for news orgs to publish articles on some kind of AP complaint blog?

@The_T Hosting instances for their employees, "content", or "fans"? Think there are three different answers there.

@max sorry I wasn't clear. My intention was these were closed instances for employees

@The_T corporate presence on the fedi is something that i don't really want. that said though i would be interested in more blogs federating, it would be nice for activitypub federation to be as ubiquitous as RSS
mostly though i would hate to see brands entering the fray or twitter resistance libs

@The_T @hafnia that way I'd have even more not CWed triggering news in my stream.

@The_T most newspapers are getting rid of RSS feeds. I can't imagine them getting involved in something that ensures each user publishes to their own individual RSS feed.

@teslas_moustache but they already do do that, it's called Twitter

@The_T also, they're all hemorrhaging money. If it's not clear to some suit how they can make money off of it, they won't do it.

@teslas_moustache also, I didn't ask "why should a news organization do this", I asked how the fediverse would feel about it.

@The_T that's fair.

Anyway, yeah, I'd be fine with it, but I've seen a million RSS bots for, like, every dang French newspaper on other federated platforms. They get old real quick. If they're actual users, that would be nice.

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