Enter discipleship

Also god it is so weird to see Giant Bomb both learning so much new shit and having so many issues with essentially making a post edited LP, like something me and everyone else I know has been doing for 10 years? Like separately recording audio and video and syncing it in post, dealing with VBR videos, that's, old hat stuff that's so simple to deal with? And it's becoming this huge problem for the biggest video game website on the planet, that popularized video game videos the way Let's Plays didn't

@The_T I feel like the last time they did anything like that was the deadly premonition endurance run which was like seven years ago at this point

@micolithe I don't think they had to do any post editing or syncing during that? Endurance Runs are just them in a room recording the same way they record any other Quick Look or stream

@micolithe On a separate note, how do I get my LP friends to take interest in my LP planning without being obnoxious and annoying (one of those people is GameBun) and also do you like board games

@The_T I have no idea, I basically have to strongarm Gamebun & co into my videos every weekend

@The_T me friday night: hey we recordin tomorrow? lets record
12 hours later with no response: HEY ARE WE RECORDING TONIGHT
6 hours later: "What do you mean we're recording today, on a saturday afternoon, the same time we have done each week for the past two and a half years??"

@micolithe and that's just with them as a guest, right? My LP is getting a group together to play a game, so that's even more rough.

Ugh. Why do I do this to myself.

@The_T i mean, my guest cast has been pretty consistently the same 3 people for a loooooong time now

@micolithe the nature of my LP is that a consistent group isn't always ideal, but I do wish I had 2 or 3 people who were just always there and ready to go. (I have 1.)

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