SOMEtimes, it's important to take a break from the main quest and enjoy some music.

it's been a week since i posted my last ocarina song, guess it's time to record another

@lifning how are you making these? Will you reveal your secret?

@The_T just sheet music and the scarecrow in lake hylia! you get an entire octave and a half if you use Z/R and the control stick

@lifning I thought he usually cuts you off after one screen?

@The_T the song you record with that one gets played a few times in all the different instruments if you wait after the end credits

@lifning what

I would be so blessed if you made a video of all star over the credits. No pressure tho. (and god if you do use a cheat to warp there)

@lifning oh I didn't realize it'd be after the credits. Thats so wild?? Thank you

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