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here's a tetris 99 tier list you can use to further your tetris strategies

In Ocarina of Time, Saria's Song is the only one I remember off the top of my head and it's for the goofiest reason.

Saria seems like she'd have good politics, so she's "downright left"

1 vs 100 was the first battle Royale game

Uuugh I wanna get stuff done but like my brain just feels... Fried? So exhausted and dizzy and idk what's going on I hate it

Hitmonchan the boxing Pokemon, named after famous boxer Jackie Chan.

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Roses are red
My life is a sham
“Go see Pagliacci”
But Doctor, I am

Super Mario Maker 2, the 3rd game in the Super Mario Maker series

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I can't believed i watched the first episode of Inhumans, in which a hoof footed man steps on a lunar rover, a day before the Mars rover died.

Mario Maker 2 feature request: be compatible with all original Mario Maker levels.

Even if this requires them functioning differently.

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Demand M4A.
Demand the death of the health care industry.

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Putting your pronouns in your bio is free so like
Do it

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