“Manifestations of the witch” ~ A London art exhibition explores the psychological, symbolic, and supernatural connections between Surrealist artists like Leonora Carrington and the figure of the witch.


Long or short, we enter this world alone, and usually, we leave alone. The comfort we give each other during our lifetime is what we hope will be extended to us during the actual process of dying, as well as the moments surrounding death.


Alan U. Dalul hears about a local curiosities market in his city, and hesitates at the idea of signing up to vendor as a tarot reader and sigil creator. But despite his anxiety, he finds himself practicing magic in a whole new way – and with a whole new community.


"We are within striking distance of eliminating HIV-transmission. We have the science. We have the treatments. Most of all, we have each other." ~ White House Proclamation of World AIDS Day 2023

Witch bottles have been washing ashore along a 60-mile stretch of beach on the southern span of the Texas Gulf Coast. TWH takes a look at this phenomenon along with the long history of archaeologist looking into (and at) witch bottles.


Pagan Community Notes for Nov 27, 2023:

In this weeks Pagan Community Notes, The Beaver Moon, The Troth is organizing an International Pagan Day of Prayer and Action for Peace, announcements, holiday events, announcements, and elephant babies.

TWH wants to know - what's your read of the Beaver or Mourning Moon? Let us know in the comments!


Scientists have detected one of the most powerful cosmic rays ever observed. Named after the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, the particle rivals the famous “Oh-My-God” particle observed in 1991 – and appears to come from a blank area of the sky.


Aside from mysterious nocturnal creatures and inner earth cults, there are also elves and dwarfs in the forest. There are dark holes in trees that are obviously the entrances to elf homes. There are ancient tree stumps clearly used by the elf-king to address his gathered followers during moonlight ceremonies.


The truth is, being a Witch and having a daily spiritual practice in magic does not allow me to create my own situational blindness to what is happening within the borders of my own community and country or in the world that is really not so far away. I cannot remain connected and be oblivious at the same time.


Feeding 4000: Rt. Rev. Terry Riley of Aquarian Tabernacle Temple’s Southern Delta Church of Wicca has been through some challenges and despite them, has earned a federal grant to build a garden for their free food pantry.


"This is a hate crime" ~ Christian protestors attempt to disrupt Witchfest International with megaphones, loud music, and other tools.

Thank you to everyone who spoke with our editorial team for this story.


Pagan Community Notes for Nov 20, 2023:

🟢Red Wheel/Weiser announces acquisition of Quest Books, New Distribution Clients, and New Hires/Promotions and adds three new distribution clients🟢Upcoming events including the Parade of Spirits in Philly🟢Norse Mythology Blog announces Midwinter 2023 art contest🟢

And more, including more upcoming events, our Tarot of the Week, and Positively Noteworthy item -- a talking crow!


Heartstopper: As I watched the current two seasons, I often found myself driven to tears, not because of sadness, but because I felt it was so profoundly healing to see. Here, I saw myself in a world that still had its challenges but was still far more accepting than the one I had grown up in.


As Icelanders evacuate from the town of Grindavík, TWH speaks with Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, allsherjargoði of the Icelandic Heathen organization Ásatrúarfélagið, about how the seismic activity and potential volcanic eruption has affected local Heathens.


AI biases, “hallucinations” and the larger implications ~ Correspondent Star Bustamonte continues a series of articles exploring how AI and large language models are impacting Pagan publishing.


Mourning Practices Need a Comeback: Our correspondent Elyse Welles attends a conference on Victorian mourning practices and notes their relevance in Pagan communities and how they might promote healing during grief.


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