Got lost in a shitty part of town and now I have to wait on a night bus in the middle of the cold rain and wind 😭

Abe channeled

Artist's conception of how a videocall would look like in the year 2000. (1910)

If you see a blonde with a green plant in the Parisian subway, it is me taking my new daughter home

Also, I don't feel like I have my shit together, but at least it's nice to know that I give the illusion of it.

So, apparently I'm used as an example friend for someone who has an anxiety disorder and still her shit together.

I don't want to be used to pressure others. There is a variety of anxiety disorders anyway and they can't be treated as if they were all the same.

Just came back from an improvised weekend at Amsterdam, it was super cool :blobcatbluecoffee:

I still am, to this day, screaming inside.

You should have watched me when my crush asked me to read them the cards about their own crush.

To represent their relationship my tarot gave me THE friggin LOVERS.

I was screaming inside.

I bought a bathrobe.
I'm broke, but at least now I feel like a cloud is hugging me :blobcatbluecoffee:

Do you have any music to share? I'd like to listen to new (or rediscover old) stuff.

I'm really not picky when it comes to music, so go ahead and share what you like! Or do! Or loved ones do!

So after a brief passage on the musics of Tangled the series, I of course ended up singing a Steven Universe Karaoke.

Life at home can be great sometimes.

I'm currently living with 99 Luftballons stuck in my head.

I feel the urge to sing it alloud too.

Abe channeled

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