What do you get when you cross a T-Rex with a Pig? 

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Starfox Adventures starring Sexy Starfox and Sexier Starfox.

Witches, please help me with a spell to combat tiredness caused by depression

The Cauldron, The Raven, The Crystal Ball!

Or as I call them: The Monkey Chain, The Monkey's Fist, The Monkey!

This just in: I ate three whole pepper jack cheese sticks.

Looking for someone who can teach me how to do blacksmithing IRL.

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this differs from the standard config in that it adds a volume to mount your custom config file:

- ./postgres/postgresql.conf:/etc/postgresql.conf

and then adds a command to use that config file instead of the default:

command: postgres -c config_file=/etc/postgresql.conf

of course make sure you like, have a custom config file at postgres/postgresql.conf or change the first part of that volumes command to point to wherever yours is but next time you build/restart it will load that config file.


@anna so.. what is docker anyway and why do you need it?

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there's still almost 4000 things sitting in the retry queue pretty much all of them waiting for bofa.lol to come back.... :pressf:

sigil this if you cry every time, one channel = one :pressf:

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