I'm researching Lyudmila Pavlichenko right now and God she's epic

Basically she's the greatest women sniper in like, all of history. She murdered about 300 Nazis in her lifetime

Yeah basically she worked in the society red army in the 25th rifle division. She was about one of the 2000 women soldiers to enlist + became a shining star in the army

@citrustwee @SunSaint they made a movie about her. woody guthrie wrote a song about her lmao

The red army, even though the Soviets where in general a little bit more progressive than the other allies, was still pretty sexist at the time so when she was just a newbie her superiors said to her that she had to kill 2 German soldiers or she would thrown out (something that is practically impossible for most new snipers to do). She killed both of them with a perfect shot

@SunSaint look up the Night Witches too, you won't be disappointed.

@SunSaint pls check out this smithsonian article about how hard she dunked on US reporters, if you haven't already smithsonianmag.com/history/ele

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