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This person LITERALLY walked up behind me mid-selfie and said “looks good” fucking END ME (selfie, no ec)

relationships, poly (+) 

if we're going to use #mastodev for fucked up posts then the foss guys should be allowed to use #HealynDickHard for dev talk

i was expecting this cribbage board to come with the rules of the game, but instead i got much more valuable instructions


very lewd 

food, kinda gross 

I miss internet :( I wanna play warframe again. And maybe get into ffxiv or something

I wish I had real boy internet instead of being confined to data from my phone

my neck
my back
my pussy
and my crack
long ago, the four nations lived in harmony

Yoooo I wanna go grocery shopping so I can make tons of food

weird, clingy, unsanitary 

I cannot settle down with a game to save my life right now. Nothing is grabbing my attention and idk what else to do.

Regretting not making my first toot “baby’s first toot”

Okay Tootle crashes every time I try to follow someone. Rip

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