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Anyone else feel that giving people in Overwatch the ability to blatantly see which role you’re weakest in will only fuel toxicity, regardless of if they’re in the same rank as you for other roles?

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@StarJager I mean, if online games acknowledged that assholes exist, no one would play them

@StarJager Not... really? You can still set your profile to private.

@heeks I’ve never had the feeling that I should put my profile on private until now.

@StarJager Really? I've always had it to Friends Only. People have always looked around your profile to see your most played heroes and yell at you.

I think this is a pretty low price to pay for having separate SRs for each role, which I think is a wonderful change.

@heeks I can see the utility for it. But I have a feeling if people leave their profiles open, it’ll invite more “wow you’re a garbage (tank/support/dps)” despite being in the same skill level as those people.

It’s an open window to peoples’ weaknesses whereas before it was just “what does this person play *the most*” which didn’t really give much insight on skill level. Now it’s in your face “This person isn’t as good at this role as they are others”

@heeks I understand that it’s an online game and regardless people will yell and be upset about things, just I feel like this will make things easier haha

@StarJager Yeah, I get what you mean, and you're right. I just... don't think it's a SUPER big deal compared to the benefits that it brings? Especially since there's a way to prevent people from seeing it.
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