Rune-enchanted cant

Selfie, not really eye contact, but can still see me eyes 

gushy relationship stuff 

Polyam Posting 

oasis, about to execute me: you're getting the wonderwall

screencap of a tweet by Hillary Clinton 

The earth screams. The earth screams. The earth cowers with contentment because it knows the loss that it will never have.


But real talk, he’s so fucking cute and sweet and nerdy and hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Me @ Me 

If GW starts making Battlefleet Gothic again, I'm gonna lose my shit.

Cars 2 never happened. You cannot convince me otherwise. You mean to tell me there are planes that exist in the world who openly vore smaller vehicles on a daily basis? How else would they get to Europe? And what the heck happened to Mater’s British girlfriend in Cars 3? It’s like she never existed. Thus Cars 2 was simply a fever dream of Lightning McQueen’s one night while suffering from a particularly hot engine and crippling self-doubt.

That being said I’m thinking about buying Fire Emblem Three Houses

Oh god I’m starting to distance myself from multiplayer games. I mean I guess that’s to be expected when I don’t have internet at home.


I guess kinda lewd?? 

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