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if 3 cishet dudes talk about video games but no one is around to record it, is it still a podcast?

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Have you ever yeeted something without throwing it?

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GEORGE: I'm glad someone's taking the initiative. I never know what to do with my hands after sex.
JERRY: George, you've never been awake after sex.

Noam Chomsky: giraffe ends with a pronounced e

Truly, they are the galaxy brains of the steppe

JERRY: The sex was great, it's just what happened after.
ELAINE: What happened after?
J: She holds up her hand for a high five and gets mad at me when I don't know what she's doing!
E: She wanted a high five after sex?
J: Yeah! Who ever heard of that?
E: I go for the firm handshake myself. Seals the deal.

The difference between a car and a bike is largely performative.

Mal watches Star Trek: Discovery - S1E2 

Citizens Complain Pope Francis Taking Nightly to Streets of Vatican City to Hunt Unwary Humans, Feeding Their Meat to Her Young & Ravenous Cubs

is Eugen Daddy or Baby?
(plz boost, it' for science)

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