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@taweret @robotcarsley
If we slow down production stockholders will suffer agonizingly painful deaths by having slightly less money.
I'm just glad that your boosting brought those two to my timeline in the same order.

Well, he is also the first shitty noble, so there's also that.

@SkyFreak I mean

there's a reason dwarf fortress players hate the sheriff

Even dwarf fortress is feeling ennui about the 'justice' system these days

Extreme spicy hot take 

Horror shitpost 

me, sobbing: fuck i just got robbed by carlos santana how will i pay my bills
michael jackson: youve been hit by
struck by
a smooth criminal
me: michael we’re going to be evicted

I love my gay anti-capitalist social network. What else can make me smile like this?

To my knowledge, not really, other than its connotation of disposing of something.

All I know of CompuServe is that the license embedded in an old MUCK program prohibited usage by it.

If Ben Lubar's name isn't Ben Lubar, then I have to question whether or not Bryce Youngquist is called Bryce Youngquist.

@LarryBot When will we get past wet yoda into soggy yoda?

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