@KitsuneAlicia@octodon.social @mal @taweret My god, Twitter is 100% actually just a platform for privileged people, I hadn't realized it was that bad.

@KitsuneAlicia@octodon.social @mal I wish I had been around for that.

@KitsuneAlicia@octodon.social @mal I am very happy that the Fediverse managed to drive Will Wheaton off of it, or so I've heard?

fundraising, unemployment, health care 

really cool that the ending of splatoon 2 is that pearl and marina get gay married again

Cool, I'll leave that out when applying to jobs with it.

Wow, this was even easier than my associates in computer science. Thanks Applebaps-U.

This sounds about right. Blue ranger is actually the ghost of red ranger's childhood dog come back to carry red ranger safely through adulthood.

I wonder if they will reinvent the principles of media criticism given enough time.

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