There are a lot of convenient myths about Bill Gates that frankly serve to support the incorrect great man theory of history. Let's examine.

William Henry Gates III, is the *fourth* William Henry Gates in a line of business men dating back to the 1800s.

His father, (William Henry Gates II) was a lawyer who's legacy includes the 12th largest law firm in the USA.

Bill wrote his first computer software in 1968 at Lakeside School. Keep in mind how rare it would have been for a 13 year old child to have access to a computer at this point of history.

Bill only had access to a computer because someone had donated a very expensive General Electric computer to his school.

Can he really be considered a "great man" in light of all the privilege his parents wealth gave him?

Nowadays Bill spends his $100 billion privatising schools, this is his charity, to privatise schools and indoctrinate people into a system that puts his class ahead of all others.

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really cool that the ending of splatoon 2 is that pearl and marina get gay married again

@SkyFreak I mean

there's a reason dwarf fortress players hate the sheriff

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I realize I've upset some people with my David Bond posts. Lemme just say that I would shed no tears if the guy got offed, he's a piece of shit. So, morally, I don't feel bad about joking about him getting to the wall.

Likewise, my point in doing sarcastic death threats was to show the nuance that has to be taken in regards to free speech--if you look at his account, he's freely dropping the n-bomb in support of "freeze peach," showing that he has no sense of that nuance himself.

But, of course, such hate-mongering and slurs are themselves calls to action, calls to hate, calls to hurt minorities in America who have already suffered quite enough.

But it seems that for some folx, like Fedilab, that's not enough to cut him and his goons off from the rest of the fediverse. I'm not sure what amount of hate it's gonna take for them to open their eyes to the fact that ppl like David Bond are pieces of shit whom no civility or respectful discourse is owed.

me, sobbing: fuck i just got robbed by carlos santana how will i pay my bills
michael jackson: youve been hit by
struck by
a smooth criminal
me: michael we’re going to be evicted

I love my gay anti-capitalist social network. What else can make me smile like this?

If Ben Lubar's name isn't Ben Lubar, then I have to question whether or not Bryce Youngquist is called Bryce Youngquist.

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