Rune-enchanted cant

yeah okay so this is probably a good time to mention I'm not into anti-culture whatsoever. I don't believe shipping is activism and I don't believe the shit you like in fiction reflects who you are as a person. There is absolutely shit I don't agree with or want to associate with and will block on sight, but I have like, actual real world issues to tackle instead of spending all my time harassing gross strangers on the internet. All seeing that shit on tumblr did was make me feel like I was back in church so if you're into that at all, I'm not the one for you and you should do us both a favor and block me

Rune-enchanted cant

Hello everyone! I'm Arisa, or Risa for short. I'm another refugee from the tumblr exodus. 25 and alive, fiction/non-fiction . I'm so I hope everyone's cool with that here. I've been a witch for I think 6 years now? I've found my niche in and , but I also dabble in Cottage, Green, and Pop Culture magic. I do and I also really love .

As far as my non-magical interests go, I love games, , (as mentioned), , -Punk, and ! My fav fandoms right now are , /#Deltarune, , , and .

Rune-enchanted cant

Also, I'm Black and Disabled as fuck and hella proud, so I'm stoked to be in a space where that's celebrated. I've only recently adopted the label officially so this will be my first Anarchist community!!! =D

Rune-enchanted cant

Oh! In case anyone's curious, I follow (as I call the Christian godhead) and , but I also honor , , and . I also absolutely adore but I haven't approached her yet because I think she's really cool and I'm nervous lol ^^;

Some people want to take all the coolness out of killing Nazis. Why

hi my fandom instance got invaded by stan twitter and it's AWFUL

@starwall in Liberland, you can make people respect your free speech by sending them SpeechCoins on the blockchain

also update!!!! My little cactus grew roots!!!!! Thanks everyone for the support ^^

hey man, I don't come over to YOUR house and leave sachets of lavender beneath your pillow. why don't i do this man. let's... let's do this, man

I have the like best news ever for y'all and it's that it's fine to be weird in public, actually

⛪️💒 🏣🏢🏚🏠⛪️🏡

if you don't think i'm stanning you hard enough just @ me and i'll pick up the pace

Boost this toot and I’ll pull a tarot card for you.

It Doesnt Matter What Other People See Your Authentic Life As, Youre It!

I mean, sometimes visibility of narrative is super important,

Though no matter who sees you now, everything you do adds up to who you are to the world

Have faith in that person now and later. Even past self you can see too

Ah yes, the age old transdition of Lying To Bypass Useless Gatekeeping

the guy who invented paper: yo i bet i could fuck up this tree

The two main /r/relationships genres are
"Is my (19) boyfriend (29) spending all day throwing ninja stars of printouts of women with pink hair an issue, or am I just being unnecessarily critical?"
"My (29) girlfriend (19) won't shut up about how I should wash my ass."

@citrustwee ok heres the cool (and free) way to set up ur own vpn and connect to it. part one: follow this guide step by step to have a vpn set up on a free tier aws server

@anna 1v1 me in smash or don’t call yourself a real gamer coward

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