Simple morning magic to manifest myself as the grandest version of the greatest vision I ever held about me.

Today's message for the collective from the Lightseers Tarot, and the (trimmed) Lemurian Starchild oracle

"I thought elves and orcs were sworn enemies?"

The mixed group glanced at each other; most shrugged, a few snorted and rolled their eyes, but one collapsed in tearful laughter and was led away to composed herself.

"Maybe, a long time ago..."

"But everyone was fighting everyone then."

"Leave it to humans though; they stumbled on the solution."


"Yeah, when they decided to wall off from everyone, we had space to breathe and talk!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

PSA: dried herbs and spices lose flavor after a year or two thanks to oxygen, UV, heat, and escaping volatiles

if you've had it for longer than that, you basically have sawdust. chuck it.

(especially for ground spices, and double especially for stuff like cilantro and parsley that are barely viable as dried spices in the first place)

Card of the day from the Sacred Destiny oracle: Opportunity.

Whatever comes your way today that has even the slightest chance of improving your life: take it. Do it.

Beckoning Persephone to start packing her bags so spring can come once again.

Mostly still Hades-related items, so he's appeased too, but the incense is blossom scented.

Outside was very beautiful today
(Second photo has a sparkly filter because I could)

Little spell jar to promote self-love and growth.
Rose buds, sea salt, Cashew nuts.

 ''✩.       °´   '  
           °    *  
   .     .     *    
    ✫            ° 
       ✩      ´   
 ✫            ´     
   *  🌒 ✫          

I feel like there is a lot of dormant energy in me today, dunno why

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