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Wait wait, Stranger Things is just Mysterious Skin for straights?

If you want to see something truly weird "What is it?" Crispin Glover's movie using actors with Down Syndrome. It was never released in any format (he tours it theatrically). His second movie is better, I've never been able to find a leaked version.

"Toilet" should be pronounced with the "r" sound, so it's as gross as it is. "Toe-er-let"

I wonder if deaf people get annoyed by reading "(menacing music)" in the subtitles of horror movies. I am watching "Skinner" (1993) and it's in pretty much every scene.

At the bar alone at night on a weekday by myself on Tinder and I know I have hit my lowest low

Signed up for pixelfed not knowing I was joining a sex workers instance. Oh well, guess I am doing sex work now.

Once again, the Democratic Party is blatantly trying to steal the primary election and hand it over on a silver platter to Pete Definitely-Not-A-CIA-Agent Buttigieg.

Fortunately for democracy, they are not very good at hiding their tactics.
The Nevada Democratic Party just hired a paid Buttigieg organizer to be their “Voter Protection Director”

Wesley Willis was a beautiful man. He could really whoop it up. His haters should fuck a camel in the ass.

Italian isn't a real language. They're all faking it to fuck with you.

I like lectures on Camus more than I like reading Camus.

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