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An hour 40 in and the second billed actor shows up

I kind of understand those rich assholes that give all their money to cats

to help with diversity efforts here at GloboChem, we're going to be mandating that 10% of employees are fuckups

Hey you! You are good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like you

"Mr. Cargill presented general information about the Netscape contribution to the project. This contribution consists of the specification of JavaScript. JavaScript is a product owned by Netscape, the name JavaScript is trademarked and, therefore, cannot be used in the title of the standard without legal waiver." From the first TC39 meeting

**No One Actually Needs to 'Lose Weight'**

"If you've struggled with your weight all your life and want to change yourself, A Swole Woman has some advice."

#news #bot

**Ignoring Security Experts, Washington State Eyes Voting by Smartphone**

"Security experts still widely agree that online voting can’t be adequately secured or transparently audited. Yet the siren song of 'easier voting' appears irresistible."

#news #bot would be an easy static html website

Everyone on Mastadon: I just built this [really cool thing] on a crusty half-corrupted linux box, and am [ something something hacker talk].

Me: I spent 3 hours yesterday and learned how to put an image on my blog using a $2k computer.

People freaking about the Fedi getting scraped, any jackhole can scrape anything online. It's not difficult. Assume you're always being scraped.

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