Wesley Willis was a beautiful man. He could really whoop it up. His haters should fuck a camel in the ass.

Watching the third Female Prisoner Scorpion movie. This dumb bitch recognizes Scorpion and decides to go through with her plot to try to fuck over Scorpion. Look at those eyes. How do you think this ends for you?

I started watching my Vinegar Syndrome films 1 reel at a time. Today's film

Johnny Depp may be cancelled, but you'll have to pry Ed Wood from my cold dead hand

In the 1970s there was the first big retro wave of movies and TV shows taking place in the 1950s. As a child of the 80s I caught a lot of this in reruns. There's a blur of actors and actresses I think are 20 years older than they are since they played 1950s era teenagers in the 1970s.

If they remake Viy and don't cast Lana Del Rey as the witch, they fucked up

Boxing day. Time to preform the sacrament by drinking an entire box

Gross horror monster 

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