Enter discipleship

Trying to make a party tape by editing a bunch of blu-rays together. Then maybe I'll have a party. I ripped Spookies which is 25 gb, so now I'm coding it down before editing... is this dumb? I feel like 25 is too much. Trial and Error I guess.

@Lexilaughs Christmas Evil, Liquid Sky, There's nothing out there, Wacko, Tammy and the T-Rex, Hell comes to Frogtown, Cutting Class, Body Melt, Blood Hook, The Human Tornado, Dolemite, Sex World [porn - but interesting], and of course Spookies,

@Seafoam666 watched Hell Comes to Frogtown & Spookies this weekend. I liked them both, gonna keep plugging away at this list.

@Lexilaughs oh awesome. The Spookies special features explains a lot




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