Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

Is machine learning worth learning if you hate math?

"The Circle" is an amazing reality show of people in cages shit talking 7 other people.

Boost this and i will assign you a gender

If you think you're building The Future

And the team you have assembled to do so

Is less diverse than even the bridge of the Enterprise as depicted in the TV show from 1966

You are probably not building the future we all hoped for

Do seize the means. If you are able though and inclined, start a worker controlled business.

Small businesses typically fail, but when all employees have an equitable stake, they work harder.

I think the thing people miss when reading Marx is that capitalism succeeded feudalism when it's productive power exceeded. It wasn't a choice. For Socialism to do the same socialist (worker owned) companies must do the same.

Do we seize the means of these existing companies? Or do we start from scratch and support coop based companies?

I for one think the 2nd is also possible. IMHO this involves

1) pay equality. The highest and lowest paid employees not having a difference more than 3x.
2) Open books for workers.
3) Regular review to hire and fire democratically, your managers too.
4) Input from all workers.
5) Lead and help other workers to liberate

A VR Holocaust experience... I will pass on that one

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