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If my house were a medieval tavern, it’d be called “The Broken Doorbell.” FIL said it’d be like $1.50 to get the part to fix it but it’s been 2 years and I’m still telling Uber “doorbell broken, please knock.”

Now I want my house to be a medieval tavern 😫

I am going to start carrying old gum. Happy New Year mufos!


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A renowned rock star mad scientist attempts to summon an Elder Thing via rock concert.

Watched this movie last weekend. "Rock & Rule," an '83 animated directed by Clive Smith (director of the animated segment of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special). The villain was played by a small cast including Iggy Pop and Don Francks, the VA of Sabretooth from the X-Men animated series.

I liked it.

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A reporter once asked A.J. Muste, a Dutch-born American clergyman and pacifist who protested against the Vietnam War, "Do you really think you are going to change the policies of this country by standing out here alone at night in front of the White House with a candle?"

Muste replied softly, "Oh I don't do this to change the country. I do this so the country won't change me."

You don’t have to believe in supernatural phenomena to accept that psychic vampires are real. Unfortunately it is socially unacceptable to stake them in the heart.

mh, meds 

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if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

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yo fedi help me out, does anyone have a gamecube broadband adapter they'd be willing to give (or sell, if you need the money) to a good home that wants to use it and love it and cherish it?

plzplz boost so this reaches more people :3

Tomorrow’s going to be the first off-Friday where I haven’t waked-n-baked (woke-n-boke?) in months. Feels weird, man. This Inner Guide thing better pay off.

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