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If my house were a medieval tavern, it’d be called “The Broken Doorbell.” FIL said it’d be like $1.50 to get the part to fix it but it’s been 2 years and I’m still telling Uber “doorbell broken, please knock.”

Now I want my house to be a medieval tavern 😫

I am going to start carrying old gum. Happy New Year mufos!

Help finding depictions of positive masculinity in media, Please boost 


@diffoccult YUP. I can tell when I've screwed up, too. To the point where people with no knowledge of the occult have randomly told me, "you weren't supposed to talk about that," or I get a sinking feeling right after sharing something. Some things aren't meant to be put into the outer world.

@diffoccult I feel pretty much the same way. I share little bits but Impostor Syndrome gets me. “What if I did something wrong and someone calls me out?” It also feels a bit... preachy, I guess? I’m still working it out myself.

Satur9 channeled

@Darkness_89 put a layer filled with a dark color behind it to get a better look. The transparency pattern can make it hard to see flaws. I used a black layer and a pink layer when I was working on it. Could also be something with the exporting, idk

@Darkness_89 @anna outlining is trickier than it looks and there are some pitfalls. Were you doing it with the magic wand? Next time try doing it with a layer mask and a soft brush, it makes the edges less jaggy. I’m no artist I just like making emoji for slack lol

@Darkness_89 I got you just give me like an hour to finish work


@esvrld Cursed spices are too intense for Tuesday morning

@anna Switch release next year! Looking forward to it since I missed out on this game the first time around.

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