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People getting pissed at depressed people for being depressed


I didn’t expect much and yet I’m still disappointed. Tastes like stale fruit loops soaked in cat pee

Is this enough cardboard to celebrate colonialism?

I love the aesthetic in Grim Dawn. Meet my Warlock, who does edgy things like make monsters puke blood on each other and draw pentagrams on the ground. Not tonight though... now I gotta sleep :(:

Decorate your bed with swords and you’re going to have sharp dreams.

Hexerie is the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of creating symbol-laden wheels to bring about a desired outcome. Despite the Pagan concept, the practice is deeply rooted in Christian culture in the region. Unfortunately, like most forms of Witchcraft, it has led to a number of deaths. As recently as the 60s, practitioners have been killed for actual or perceived banes. As a person with an interest in talismans, I find these to be beautiful and curious. (Images credit their respective owners)

Ogham is an early script from Ireland, historically used to mark or record information about trees. I like to use it in margins, since it can be pretty subtle and it looks neat.

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