Today has not been easy. I’m untethered, struggling to stay grounded. Tomorrow will be better.

Balance is an important aspect of strength. Without it there can be no grace.

Some old work. It felt right at the time. It reminds me to be my best self.

After almost two years, my son is coming home to stay. I think my happiness comes through with this one. My focus is on preparing myself mentally for what’s ahead.

I’m developing confidence in daily life. It’s not an easy journey but subtle reminders help.

Empathy and Gratitude are important concepts to me. I try to be mindful of them daily.

I’m having a hard time staying focused on what is truly important. It’s so easy to ride the wave of self-righteous fury that comes from perceived wrongdoing. It doesn’t help me grow, except in the sense that I’m acknowledging it. Spending some time thinking about a good friend (picture relevant), hoping to draw some wisdom.

I am going to start carrying old gum. Happy New Year mufos!

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