Really need to consecrate my runes in my blood

People can't do basic fucking research before forming an opinion or being an asshole

My Gender and Orientation (label dump, idc tho) 

I want to make some moodboards; They're cute and fun, ya know?

Azrael channeled

It's transphobic I can't carry brass knuckles :meowdevil:

Azrael channeled

Useful Ace/Aro Spec Terms (how come I didn't find these till now??) 

Azrael channeled
Azrael channeled

do you ever think about how "welp" is just the modern English version of "alas"

Lowkey want to be a Warlock (in the D&D sense) to some vampiric god/demon

Azrael channeled

I bought samples of homemade cologne and mmm the ones I've worn so have been nice :blobhearttranscat: idk how I'll choose which one to buy

I wish every website/app had a dark/night time ui

I want to worship gods but idk which ones

The moon has gifted me with insomnia this night
Only blood will satiate me

Mini-bio | Gender + Orientation 

Azrael channeled

Here's the one we managed to get through our telescope with my phone. Taken at totality.

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