@SaintoftheSun I'm DEFINITELY throwing a molotov cocktail into the vandalized Classics department

@SaintoftheSun @CornishRepublicanArmy Teaching Smashing the Patriarchy 101, this is more or less literally what I do as an academic.

@SaintoftheSun I'm staffing the consent forms booth, because I like paperwork and consensual smooching-related activities

@SaintoftheSun I'm on the title IX building burning the rapist at the stake

@SaintoftheSun still sitting on top of The Cuck Zone w/my partner and a Pride flag.

@SaintoftheSun I'm the guy doing the weird sex thing in the upper left to the left of the T in THE CAMPUS

@SaintoftheSun I'm the person destroying the entrance to the classics department

@SaintoftheSun I'm either the free weed stand or the "it's not ok to be white" sign

@SaintoftheSun this is a little bit what my college is like irl tbh

@SaintoftheSun I'm one of the people hugging near the statue of Karl Marx.

@SaintoftheSun i'm at the free weed stand, getting ready for that make your own pronouns party

I'm Girl Kissing Someone On The Rooftops because I'm a romantic like that.

@SaintoftheSun personally doing nothing to help the anarchists build their school of Radical Feminist Praxis, but showing my love & support anyway ✌:black_bloc_blob:

@SaintoftheSun i'm somewhere inside the cancelled classics department absolutely ethering a bust of cicero

@SaintoftheSun im the person burning someone at the stake on top of the Title IX building

@SaintoftheSun actually im White Tears Livestream. The “free condoms and lube” stand is pretty much real though

@SaintoftheSun lol at the winner of the oppression olympics having legs and the ability to lift their arm over their head

@SaintoftheSun I'm the birds and cats in front of the Department of Intersectionality

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