@RowanBerry Holy shit I've never heard of this game before but it sounds amazing based on the webbed site

@witchfynder_finder It's one of my favorite roguelikes! I'm currently on my way to 100%-ing the game. Highly recommended

@fluffy @witchfynder_finder For the classic Roguelikes, Tangledeep and Caves of Qud are hands down the best. Dungeons of Dredmor is a good starter if you're lacking Rogue experience.

For shooters, I like Binding of Isaac (but I think it has some big flaws), Teleglitch, Risk of Rain 2, and Atomicrops. Dead Cells and Wizard of Legend are of a more hack-and-slash variety.

@fluffy @witchfynder_finder If you want to get creative with roguelikes, then the sky is the limit. World of Horror, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Noita, Slay the Spire, FTL, Dungeon of the Endless, Eldritch, Into the Breach, Organ Trail... there's just too many good ones to list.

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