Rune-enchanted cant

Hello, everyone.

Twitter has been eating away at my happiness, so I bounced from my old currently-shut-down witch instance to this one.

My name is Rowan, and I'm interested in video games, books, anime, and a whole plethora of other things. Nice to meet you!

🍒Rowan🍒 channeled

Kinda want to hunker down for a little while with my friends and play video games for a couple of days. Detoxing would be very nice right now

I need to remember that not everyone has had a deep and storied history with LGBTQIA rights in the US.

Like, Marsha P. Johnson's contributions to queer history aren't common knowledge, and that throws me for a loop sometimes

I think it's time to get off that goddamn birdsite until I can simmer down

And just so we're all *absolutely* clear, I support the uprising and I think it should keep happening in all many places as possibe. ACAB, black lives matter.

I'm so goddamn sick of this bootlicking.

Bitter, subtoot 

Poorly shaved legs (pasty) 

Also I've been gone for so long because I started streaming every single weekday

The pet peeve, for those who are wondering, is historical figures being churned through the revisionism/romanticization machine so hard that they turn into waifus

Okay so I've been putting of the Fate series because it has a big pet peeve of mine but I actually kind of like it?

Is it weird that I can't spend a lot of time stewing in negativity anymore?

🍒Rowan🍒 channeled

Cuddles Shittoot 

I sure love that when a trans woman accomplishes literally anything or makes any political statement on any popular platform they get immediately, permanently targeted by sexual harassment and death threats

Gamergate ideology is fuckin brain rot, I swear

How many times can I re-do the same post because of image editing problems? You decide!

Going live in just a few minutes. Gonna play some games with friends


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