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Hello, everyone.

Twitter has been eating away at my happiness, so I bounced from my old currently-shut-down witch instance to this one.

My name is Rowan, and I'm interested in video games, books, anime, and a whole plethora of other things. Nice to meet you!

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I'm a simple woman I see a game where I can be a girl who dates older women I buy it

drama, subtoot 

drama, subtoot 

nsfw, boobs 

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When she/her trans people suddenly get called "they" and "them" a bunch when you're upset at them, let me be clear: your transmisogyny is showing

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"No you don't understand it's a metatextual subversion of the harem genre, the main thesis of the piece is the ways we protect our true selves under layers of archetypes so that we can fit into social norms— wait where are you going"

My guilty pleasure is Monogatari Series, and the only reason it's a guilty pleasure is because every time I mention that it's my favorite anime I have to explain specifically why I enjoy it and am not just the Bad Kind of Horny

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Hehe, my pupils are dilated and it's really bright

Also I need glasses, whoops

Disclaimer: This is not a sarcastic post, and I genuinely support any TTRPG project that wears its heart on its sleeve like this

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the idea that there's some red line being crossed going from stealing bread to stealing makeup only makes sense in a framework that assumes the poor are subhuman, that they deserve to suffer, and that them somehow getting their hands on products that mark them as human (and consumption of products is the true measure of humanity under the liberal worldview) is a greater crime than poverty being perpetuated on them

Stimming normally: Happy lil verbal ticks, bouncing my leg, fiddling with things :)

Stimming while depressed: My hand twitches uncontrollably when I'm lying on my side. Sunchips feel good on teeth

Stimming in the manic burst after the depression wears off: If I don't do pushups in the next ten minutes I am going to create a new kind of parkour. I will now proceed to clean the entire apartment

My earlier post legit snapped me out of the dissociative state I've been in for like a week and I instantly felt the need to exercise for a hot minute and then go outside

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lawful: wiki on a work of fiction is named after the work ('the bionicle wiki')
neutral: wiki is named after an item or concept in the work ('memory alpha')
chaotic: wiki name is a pun on the work ('wookiepedia')

Games, emotions, deep thinking 

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We Know The Devil and Heaven Will Be Mine are the gayest video games on the planet and absolutely everyone should play them

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