Rune-enchanted cant

Woke up with a head ache omg feel like I'm gonna die

sick, vomit 

so im trying out elementary os. seems to be good so far.

I think I got a job with securitas wish me luck 😅🤞🏼🤞🏼

I wanna eat something but don't know what. 😕

Scared of love?

I’m not afraid of anything

But I am not a fan of wet socks. As previously stated

Ripped the bed sheets on accident. How nice now i gotta buy new ones 🙃🙃

New invasive hornet species spotted across North America. The Asian Magumbo Hornet. So named because of its giant magumbos.

Photo is of an Asian Magumbo Hornet.

Gacha but it's real life and instead of characters you get different varieties of cats

Anyone like to use their ipad for ? And what programs do you like?

:blobfoxdrakedislike: write down your password.

:blobfoxdrakedislike: use a password manager.

:blobfoxdrakelike: forget your password and have to create another password every time you log in.

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