Enter discipleship

"Fines mean legal for rich people" radicalized me

This one really made the rounds last night huh?

@whiskeysailor @Red make fines a percent of your total wealth for rich ppl, but not not everyone else. You broke the law, white collar crime? K, we'll have 10% of your $1billion fortune right now

@anomaly @whiskeysailor @Red
Finland have a system where fines are based on income. There's no upper limit, so rich people can be fined hilarious amounts for relatively minor things like speeding. For those in poverty, they also account for things like cost of living and dependents, reducing the amount accordingly. They've been using this system for nearly 100 years, I think.

@Red I think Finland's system is best, but I've heard (and cannot confirm) that parking in the UK's double red lines will result in your car being towed away and crushed, which sounds really satisfying.

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