Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

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Using your last wish to free the genie is taxation and i am against it

Enbies didn't exist until someone used a genie wish to create them. S2g

Oh but if i put poopoopeepee under this cw you'd all LOOOOVE it

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Witchey Red channeled

Using an ungodly mix of magic and science to home grow the perfect enby switch

Flirting on main is literally the greatest compliment i can give you

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Realising Jimmy is alternate version red with all the hornt removed

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In retrospect no more tears™️ was impossible to deliver on for a shampoo

Y'all will never convince me anime is real

It's amazing what you can get from me with a smile and a uwu

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It's Time!
Time for Tuesday's Masto-Sourced Playlist!
Today, It's The One About Animals!

Holy Toledo, y'all went WILD on this one! Over 60 songs, painstakingly selected by your Fedi-Friends for your aural pleasures!

Here you are:

Get you a girl that can call in the pack first try :awoo:

Opened my third eye this weekend, thinking about working on my 4th and 5th (nipples)

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Who else on here follows me but I haven't followed them back?

I usually follow back unless:

1. You made no posts or I think you some bot or data lurking bullshit thingy lol

2. I forgot to follow back

3. I don't like you lol (this RARELY happens btw lol)

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Can't tell if my toots are getting interactions because the hellthread is clogging my Notis

Just another day on the tootsite

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