Enter discipleship

Serious question though, does anyone even practise Wicca/Witchcraft on this instance? I thought that’s what this was for and I don’t see anyone talking about it :/

@Rebellia I dunno. I’m just starting out and probably too idiosyncratic in my practice to offer much conversation tbqh :blob_cry:

@Rebellia But to answer your question, yes, I do see people talk about their practice on occasion, including many of the people who replied to your toot.

You’re right that it’s a bit slow (maybe a post or two in any given day?), but I love to read what others have to say about their own practices when they do. The more the merrier!

@narylis it’s okay if you don’t practise it regularly or are just a beginner. The interest grows when we participate in open conversations, also we learn something new!

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