Also, herb for this month is definitely lemongrass. Use it in your teas, curries!

Such a warming, nurturing herb. Easy to grow in your homes.

Been seeing a lot of pentacles in my last few tarot readings. I wonder what it means, have I shuffled and cut my deck properly? Or is this a message from the universe?

Also, haven’t logged into this fediverse in so long! How have you all been?

Good day people!
How has 2021 been treating you?

I have been working hard to find my energy with the tarot so I can use it nurture my spirituality.

Felt the energy get sucked out of me today at a family event. Ugh, why is it so hard?

Many weeks ago, I had performed a new moon ritual to achieve a goal in my life. Day before during the full moon day, I got a call that confirmed my goal was achieved. Of course it’s a mixture of hard work and persistence, but I do believe that moon magic gives us strength and ensures that our will is heard by the universe.

Serious question though, does anyone even practise Wicca/Witchcraft on this instance? I thought that’s what this was for and I don’t see anyone talking about it :/

Happy full moon day! It’s a time for completing goals, look back at our manifestations and see what worked and didn’t. It’s a time to close chapters. For closure. For rest. Things come to a full circle. This full moon occurs in Taurus, the sign of all things earthy, homely and sensual.

Rebellia channeled

I’ve ready many books on witchcraft, Wicca and paganism but this book by Juliet Diaz is extremely thorough and covers all the basics one needs to start their journey with.

Rebellia channeled

It’s a full moon in a few days, a time to retrospect and reflect on our manifestation before celebrating its harvest on the night of the full moon in Taurus. The polar opposite of Scorpio on the zodiac chart. Also, this full moon is opposite mercury which is in retrograde. So there’s a huge chance for communication issues to blow over. However the other aspects make it a positive one, I’m feeling this season’s retrograde very strongly in terms of inner conflict. Also, expecting a manifestation to materialise by the full moon. Anybody else into practising moon rituals? I find them very therapeutic and energising.

Rebellia channeled

Hello! I’m Rebellia (I prefer going by my gaming name from school even though I don’t game anymore). I am a kitchen witch and a beginner at witchcraft. I also do tarot readings and perform moon rituals from time to time. A firm believer of karma 🖤

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