Also I’m scared of losing my rights to free speech lol

After what I’ve seen the past few days...

Fuck the Pokémon community




I have a very big understanding on how fash propaganda works and idk what to do with this info

I’m in Utah

And there is a lot of Mormons here

Hey heads up I might be moving accounts

To certain people : Your desire for “fancy”, “expensive” and “luxury” items is not the result of your parents or even yourself.

You were born in a society that taught you to desire wasteful and unnecessary items, items that are often temporary and provide no longer-term use, value or entertainment.

You must take the time to unlearn this, and to lead your life in a direction that is concerned with the long term value of things, rather than what the capitalist say is valuable

Actually conversation I had today

Person: “That’s person is so bougie”

Me: “bougie? Like bourgeoisie?”

Person: “Nah it’s a new word. It means people who are/wanna be rich and fancy”

Me: *stares in Anarchist frustration*

I need to find a community that I can do things for really badly

I’m going to Pokémon Go to my Pokémon Home to go Pokémon Sleep

Dang we got Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon Cloud and Pokémon Cars

Okay the last thing isn’t real but they will probably make it

God why is my best friend such a damn bootlicker

I just want a discord server where I can join a team and compete against other teams

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