Illness, nausea 

"for my wedding's afterparty i made everyone go to an all-day brunch place" is a pretty descriptive fact about me

Selfie. Ootd 

I'm here to chew bubblegum and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum also i don't like bubblegum


*takes off fursuit head*

About dat beew I owoe ya... x3

It's me, Gowdon! owo Bawney, fwom Bwack Mesa :3 Sowwy about da scawe, I had to put on a show fow da camewas uwu

hey gaymers, retoot this and ill make u a custom mermaid based on ur username/whats in ur blog!!!

Me internally, while cutting @Purranda 's hair: how does one cut 'hair'

Trans Internet Security Risk 

basically i cannot win i'm always tired and AAA

I've been so tired lately. Waking up groggy and so clumsy. Fff

Nightmares/weird dreams, medical setting, abusive family 

Tired: wanting to become a cryptid

Wired: realizing i'm already a cryptid

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