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reasons I can make fun of white people:
- I am white people
- Racism against white people isn't a thing
- You literally don't need a reason
- Anyone can make fun of white people at any time for any reason

True bi solidarity means gossiping with your husband about the hot dudes who flirt with him :heart_bi:

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that feel when you open a box, see something you packed, and immediately chuck it in the donate box while declaring "I Hate It"

Waiting patiently to hear that GOG have fired their Twitter guy.

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Ok so because I had a shitty day I'm going to tell the story of The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me because nothing ever seems quite as bad when I compare it to The Worst Thing Ever and also it's a great story and I love telling it

Here we go, thread time

are you a witch? are you two witches? come cast spells on fucking witches dot live!