Hey everyone, if you're still following me, I wrote a few comics, hired artists to draw it and I posted them now online!

If you enjoyed this, share this toot around with all the others. I'd really love that!

I got a new Webtoons series. It's just a pass-time to broaden my portfolio a bit. This time the episodes are shorter. And I have absolutely no idea if I will keep it up or throw it in the bin like other projects. :P

The fourth and final episode of Love Invisible is online!!

If you enjoy it, please like and leave a comment. Also, share it so others can enjoy it as well.


Episode 2 is here!

If you want to, subscribe so I don't have to warn you every-time I upload! :P Also, like and leave a comment if you want to. Sharing is also very much appreciated.

Hooray, my first ever Webtoons project got published!!!

I'm participating in the Short Story Contest and I would love it if you'd give it a read and a rating.


Don't know if this is racist or not since I'm appropriating a cultural character from South-America, but I had to make this pun.

I put my short stories on an itch.io page, so they are better accessible than Wattpad where you have to make an account to read them. They are for free, but you can also donate for one.

I finally finished it! My video essay about Fat Thor and fat-shaming. 36 glorious minutes of it! Watch it! Share it if you enjoy it!

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