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playin some smack hag with the basic friend package! :blobcatheart:

F is for friends who do things together
U is for you and me~ ^-^
N is for anywhere at any time at all :D Down here in the deep blue sea!~

Someone mentioned they'd like to see ufo crash site incense burners again, so I added a couple to the shop!

More at

#ufo #ufocrashsite #incenseburner #mastoart

drugs & alcohol 

Quick! That raven! It's stealing the family fortune! Ah, how gothic!

Awkward skinny goth kid posing around stuff and being awkward ✴️🌠

This playground has field bindweed, a member of the morning glory family. The flowers seem to follow the sun

Bears are smart. Congratulations, bear.

this is my daughter, tony hawk’s underground 2

there is exactly 1 cool person on here but i want it so it's fine if my wife breaks the law,

She’s beauty and she’s grace

She hates the United States

food - 

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