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Introduction, promotional, spooky imagery 

Today's tarot draw is The Empress from
A year ago the Neon Moon Tarot funded on Kickstarter and everything changed for me. I hope that the deck has returned to y’all the support that I’ve received from it over the past year.

As my Empress quotes, “Out there is violence and conflict and destruction but in here I can give us a moment of raw peace where we forget about all of that.”
May our days have more growth, beauty, and abundance going forward.

Drawn violence, disintegration 

Today's tarot draw is The Inverted Star from
Themes for this card include: Despair, pessimism, boredom.

"You may be feeling discouraged, disengaged, or bored with life. You could be overwhelmed. You are encouraged to reflect on what is causing your current troubles and work on getting past it. You are only momentarily blocked. You have a bright future ahead but need to move past your current state. "


Today's tarot draw is The Inverted Supervisor of Vials from
Themes for this card include: Co-dependency, disconnection, insecurity, escapism.

"You may be feeling out of touch with your emotions or allowing them to overwhelm you. You could be dissatisfied and giving in to fantasy. Your troubles are becoming draining on those around you and you should spend some thought on the needs and wants of those close to you as well as your own well-being."

Today's tarot draw is Judgement from
Themes for this card include: Absolution, rebirth, decision, clarity.

You may need a moment of self-examination, quiet reflection, or meditation. You are ready to awaken a new theme in your life and move forward with it. It is time to leave your past behind you for good and choose to move forward with your new and better self. You've had something waiting inside of you for this moment and you are now finally putting everything in place.


Bondage and a big bad baphomet 

Today's tarot draw is The Magician from the Persona 3 Tarot Deck.
Themes for this card include: Capability, competence, preparation, power.

I’ve been drawing this card and the Queen of Wands a lot in the last couple of weeks and they are personally relevant as I’m working on the new Thoth-based Tarot deck. My cards are being cheerleaders encouraging me on as I channel my creative energy into my own personal new project. What new fun things are y’all working on?

Today's tarot draw is The Magician from
Themes for this card include: Capability, competence, preparation, power.

"The Magician suggests that you may have a new goal, and that your skills are appropriately matched to take it on. Success follows your skill and optimism in this new endeavor. Channel your focus, talent, and creativity into this project."

Today's tarot draw is The Hermit from
Themes for this card include: Introspection, knowledge, contemplation.

"You are at a period of self-reflection and inner examination. You may be re-aligning your goals or world view to a more centered or helpful place. You are on a private journey of soul-searching where you will discover what truly matters in your life."

Today's tarot draw is Fortune Inverted from
Themes for this card include: Bad luck, external influence.

"You have likely experienced some bad luck recently. You may be in the middle of setbacks that were beyond your control. Try to concentrate on positive change that you do have control over in order to learn from recent circumstances. Be cautious and do not take any risks at the moment."

Forgive me for saying, but this is going to be a goddamn rad deck, y’all.

Today's tarot draw is Strength from
Themes for this card include: Self-control, courage, compassion.

"This card represents inner strength and the power to overcome any challenge. You are in charge of your own emotions, compassion, and tolerance, and are able to overcome obstacles through self control and confidence."

Today's tarot draw is Apprentice of Vials from
Themes for this card include: Creativity, synchronicity, fresh outlook.

"You have a creative energy ready to burst forth. Give in to your inspiration and see where it goes. Don't be afraid to dream a little, as your unconscious may be trying to send you a message."

Today's tarot draw is The Inverted Six of Arms from
Themes for this card include: Baggage, statis, dwelling.

"You may be trying to transition to a better future but find yourself being haunted by a past you tried to let go. Perhaps you cannot let go of the past or perhaps it keeps catching up with you. Either way, you are feeling stuck, but you must keep moving towards the future you desire."

Hex Toys channeled

Will I understand Maroon 5 if I haven't seen the other four Maroons?

Come on baby light my fire.

Ace of Fire in progress for my Thoth-based deck, hopefully coming out this year.

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